MY BOAT (The Predator Getter)

Proud Owner of a 2021 SeaArk 2072 Fish Extreme Jet Tunnel Deluxe, Powered by a Suzuki 140HP Outboard Jet drive. This Big, Wide, Stable Fishing Platform will get you to the fish Safely and in a hurry! Boat is Equipped with all Necessary Saftey Equipment. This Boat will Run in 5 Inches of Water!!

I Personally Designed every Aspect of this Boat to be a Flathead Fishing Machine and Keep my Guests Comfortable while doing it! Equipped with Top of the line Side Imaging fish finder and mapping capabilities.  Boat is rigged with 12 Monster rod holders, a Custom 50 Gallon Bait Tank to Keep Our Bait Lively and a 40 Gallon livewell to Keep that NEXT State Record Alive!


Boat has 4-Comfy Millennium Marine Boat Seats. 2 Rear Facing on the Front Deck, within an Arms reach Away from rods in Rod holders! From Here One can easily watch all the rods in the Boat. PLUS 2  Swivel Mounted chairs on rear deck adjacent to Dual rod racks!

        Lots of Open Floorspace with 360 Degree Versatility for Freely moving around the Boat

We LIGHT UP the NIGHT with our Blacklights and our Submersible Green lights