Q- When is the Best Tme to come Fishing?

A-There are 2 Primary Times When Your Chance at Success Dramatically Increases. SPRING and FALL

SPRING=GREAT Between (Early May and Mid June) Catfish endure massive Migrations in search of spawning grounds and summer haunts. These fish are Active!! Sometimes covering miles of river a day. During this time they will be actively hunting or eat anything that crosses their path! We typically catch the most numbers at this time with big fish consistently hitting the decks!

FALL=EPIC Fall (September-November) is Arguably Your Best Shot at Some of the Biggest Fish the River has to offer. As water Temps Begin to drop, typically in Late August-Early September. This will trigger the start of some of the years best fishing. FISH will again make a migration towards suitable wintering habitat. For some fish this could be 20 miles!  We will intercept them enroute. At this time it is Most Urgent that these Fish MUST FEED HEAVILY in order to "beef up" and endure winter, alot like a Bear. This is when some of the Biggest fish in the WHOLE RIVER SYSTEM will "Stack up" in particular sections of river. Once here they will FEED HEAVILY until the water temp goes sub 50 degrees. Typically around the 1st week in November

Q- Can I Keep Fish to Eat?

A- Although I Practce CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) on ALL fish over 10 pounds. If you would like to Keep some small eating size fish you are welcome to. I Do Not Clean the fish for you. YOU Must Bring your own Cooler for this.

Q- What If A Female Needs to Use the Bathroom?

A- We can Beach the boat on shore or Take a run back to boat ramp to use Facilities.